March 31, 2017

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Over the last two decades, one martial art has started to stand out and clearly separate itself from the rest. That art is Brazilian jiu jitsu, often referred to as BJJ, or simply jiu jitsu. BJJ is the art that the UFC was created from. Born by the Gracie family out of the dangerous backroom fights in Rio de Janeiro, BJJ has been likened to a game of chess between opponents.

While I am interested in the fighting aspects of BJJ, I also look at it through a different lens – that of movement and how it can benefit people training for general health. About the same time that BJJ was growing in popularity, we started to learn the importance of ground-based movements for strength and conditioning. These early developmental sequences of rolling and crawling, and the use of other foundational postures including lying, being on all fours, and kneeling, have all come to be synonymous with functional training.

Marcello Monteiro


Hashem H Magham

Bringing 15+ of experience, Hashem Hashemi brings a balanced fundamental based approach to his teaching style. Hashem has trained alongside some BJJ greats and brings that wealth of experience to the mats. Hashem truly cares about members and want to build an exceptional Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner brick by brick

Who is Marcello Monteiro

What Is his association? 

- Marcello grew up in the country that created Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...


  • At the age of 6 years old Marcello started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Alvaro Barreto (Carlos and Helio Gracie's student) at the Corpo Quatro Academy in Copacabana Rio De Janeiro/ Brazil. But at that age, Marcello was just a small kid that used to train on and off and he didn't know how BJJ would change his life.
  • At the age of 16, Marcello started to take BJJ very serious in his life.
  • Many years ago, some of Carlson Gracie's best students in Brazil were Sergio Souza "Bolao", Ricardo De La Riva and Ricardo Juca.  These were among many BJJ Masters that he had the opportunity to train with and helped his game.  Marcello likes to speak about these 3 old masters.
  • Sergio Souza helped Marcello's game for about 1 year. Sergio Souza is best known in Brazil for his "butterfly" guard.
  • De La Riva is best known for his "De La Riva Hook" and Ricardo Juca is best known in Brazil for his fighting strategies for back attacks and mount attacks.  Juca also published in the very first BJJ book in Brazil.
  • For many years Marcello was considered De La Riva's protege at his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in Rio De Janeiro/Brazil.   De La Riva showed Marcello all the secret details of his De La Riva Guard game.  Juca showed Marcello all his fighting strategies while focusing on teaching Marcello the way he should think during a match.

Ricardo De La Riva


is a legendary Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt from the late Carlson Gracie‘s lineage, being one of the most creative guard players to have ever competed in BJJ. Ricardo De La Riva revolutionized jiu jitsu’s guard game with the creation of the (now) famous “De La Riva guard” (originally called “guarda pudim”), Ricardo De La Riva also become an accomplished grappling instructor with several important black belts under his tutelage such as Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira, Walter “Broca”, Helvecio Penna and many others.